Various Composers

Cello Tales

Ensemble Chiaroscuro

1 CD  – Total time: 65:07
Booklet 12 pages, Italiano/English


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          Giovanni Battista Degli Antonii

  1. Ricercata Seconda Op.1 in D Minor
  2. Ricercata Undecima Op.1 in G Major

    Giovanni Battista Vitali

  3. Toccata in C Major
  4. Ruggiero in C Major
  5. Bergamasca in C Major
  6. Chiacona in C Major 

    Domenico Gabrielli

  7. Sonata in G Major – Grave, Presto, Adagio
  8. Sonata in G Major – Allegro
  9. Sonata in G Major – Largo
  10. Sonata in G Major – Prestissimo
  11. Ricercar Primo in G Minor
  12. Ricercar Sesto in G Major
  13. Flavio Cuniberto – Vuoi tu

    Giovanni Battista Somis

  14. Sonata Terza in G Major – Largo
  15. Sonata Terza in G Major – Allegro
  16. Sonata Terza in G Major – Allegro
  17. Sonata Quinta in G Minor – Largo
  18. Sonata Quinta in G Minor – Allegro
  19. Sonata Quinta in G Minor – Allegro

    Francesco Alborea

  20. Sonata in D Major – Amoroso
  21. Sonata in D Major – Allegro
  22. Sonata in D Major – Menuet

    Luigi Boccherini

  23. Sonata Sesta in A Major G.4 – Adagio
  24. Sonata Sesta in A Major G.4 – Allegro
  25. Sonata Sesta in A Major G.4 – Affettuoso

    Joseph Clemens dall’Abaco

  26. Capriccio Sesto in E Minor

    J.F. Dotzauer

  27. Studio n. 17 in E Minor

The main theme of this work of the Ensemble Chiaroscuro follows closely that of the first disc (also produced by Concerto Classics, “Baroque Enchantment”): the proposal is to collect a series of pieces to form a sort of concert program, in order to tell a true story in music, hence the title “Cello Tales”. The listener will in fact be led, through the notes of Antonio Fantinuoli cello, in a journey of rediscovery of the great masters and pioneers of the leading instrument of this recording, unearthed by a careful research of ancient manuscripts done by the same artist. From Giovanni Battista Degli Antonii and Giovanni Battista Vitali, to Domenico Gabrielli and Francesco Alborea, passing through Giovanni Battista Somis and Luigi Boccherini, up to Joseph Clemens dall’Abaco, all the most significant compositions that punctuate the technical evolution of the instrument from the seventeenth century to the eighteenth century until the final tribute to the ‘father’ of all cellists J.F. Dotzauer. The beautiful sound of the cello as the only protagonist, therefore: Antonio Fantinuoli is accompanied on this trip, as well as by Giangiacomo Pinardi and his theorbo (an integral part of the Ensemble), also by Perikli Pite at the cello and Craig Marchitelli with the theorbo. Special guest Roberta Invernizzi in an Aria of Gabrielli.