Francesco Geminiani

Sei Sonate di Violoncello e basso continuo Op. 5

Enrico Bronzi (violoncello), Michele Barchi (clavicembalo)

1 CD 2061 – Total time: 55:11
Booklet 12 pages, Italian/English


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Sonata IV in B-flat major
1 – Andante
2 – Allegro moderato
3 – Grave
4 – Allegro

Sonata I in A major
5 – Andante
6 – Allegro
7 – Andante
8 – Allegro

Sonata II in D minor
9 – Andante
10 – Presto
11 – Adagio
12 – Allegro

Sonata V in F major
13 – Adagio
14 – Allegro moderato
15 – Adagio
16 – Allegro

Sonata III in C major
17- Andante
18 – Allegro
19 – Affetuoso
20 – Allegro

Sonata VI in A minor
21 – Adagio
22 – Allegro assai – Grave
23 – Allegro – Non tanto

In the imaginative Baroque setting of Francesco Geminiani’s “Sonatas op. 5,” the aim was to seek an acoustic color that would respect the extraordinary stylistic interpretation of the performers, wary of excessive technological artifices. The result is perceptible in the natural austerity of the sound due to the ambience of the splendid dance hall of the Castle of S. Lorenzo de Picenardi (Cremona), where the recording took place.
We would like to emphasize to lovers of this music the lesser-known aspect of improvisation: guided by the written melody that Enrico Bronzi’s cello transforms into the composer’s vital breath, while Michele Barchi’s harpsichord reinvents and reconstructs on the numbered bass line, images and emotions of that time with exquisite refinement. Such masterful performance was able to show us the way to be able to convey to the audience the flavor of a journey through time, through the phonographic medium.