Andrea Luchesi

Piano Sonatas & Rondos

Roberto Plano (pianoforte)

1 CD 2069 – Total time: 79:17
Booklet 12 pages, Italian/English


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Sonata in C major
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Allegro

Rondò in F major
4. Andante

Sonata in C major
5. Presto

Sonata in D major
6. Allegro

Sonata in F major
7. Allegro

Sonata in B flat major
8. Andante

Sonata in F major
9. Allegro

Sonata in G major
10. Allegro

Sonata in D major
11. Allegro

Sonata in F major
12. Grave

Sonata in B flat major
13. Allegro

Sonata in F major
14. Allegro

Rondò in C major
15. Allegro

Sonata in F major
17. Andante lento
18. Allegro

Around Andrea Luchesi (or Luchese, Lucchesi, Luckesi, but beyond the problem of the correct spelling of the surname, the important thing is what it indicates to us, i.e., the city of origin of the family, which was among those who left Lucca for Venice in 1300) a querelle of unusual tones has – as is perhaps already partially known – been unleashed, at least for the world of classical music: was he or was he not Beethoven’s master? Was he or was he not the real composer of some celebrated masterpieces by Mozart and Haydn? And more generally: in what relationship was he with the Wiener Klassik? Beyond educated polemics, again, the “vexata quaestio” at least points us to the importance of this composer, whose keyboard sonatas Roberto Plano interprets for the first time on a modern Steinway, restoring to us a grandeur and splendor quite unsuspected in a composer completely oblivious to the histories of music.
We are very pleased to introduce you to another great Italian pianist, who came to the attention of the musical world by winning the prestigious Cleveland International Piano Competition in 2001 and was a finalist in 2005 at the 12th Van Cliburn International Competition.