Marco Nodari

Chamber Music Works

Various Artists

1 CD  – Total time: 65:18
Booklet 12 pages, Italian/English


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Trio mediterraneo
for violin, cello and piano
1) Prologo, Animato
2) Intermezzo, Meditativo
3) Finale, Brioso 

for violin, cello and piano
4) Prologo, Scherzando, Allegro
5) Intermezzo, Quasi un inno, Andante moderato
6) Finale, Mosso 

Serenata notturna 30 microvariazioni
for violin, viola and cello
7) Spiritoso 9:02

for flute and harp
8) Con moto 7:13

for clarinet, violin and piano
9) Vivo, con spirito 4:27
10) Largo espressivo 4:06

Playin’ strings
for flute and guitar
11) Mosso 5:02

for violin and piano
12) Ben ritmato, inflessibile

In nearly two decades of life, the Concerto Classics label has only made a few recordings of today’s music.
With this CD we make an important exception presenting young composer Marco Nodari, who you may recognize from our catalogue from his previously recorded guitar piece (Tiliguerta in CD: Strong Emotions on contemporary classical guitar, CD Concerto 2055). Marco’s musical world in rich in influence from the twentieth century, minimalist, but firmly anchored to the Italian tradition. It is presented here on a monographic CD.