Reynaldo Hahn

Complete works for piano solo – CD+DVD Box

Cristina Ariagno (piano)

4 CD + 1 DVD Box 2015

Total timing CDs: 04:16:31; total timing DVD: 56:32

Booklet 40 pages, Italian/French/English/Spanish


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CD 1
Le Rossignol éperdu, poèmes (1899 – 1910)
I. Première Suite
CD 2
Le Rossignol éperdu, poèmes (1899 – 1910)
II. Orient
III. Carnet de Voyage
IV. Versailles
CD 3
Pièces d’amour et autres inédits pour piano, L’inspiration, Juvénilia, Au Clair de lune, D’une prison, Avant l’Hommage des Poètes, Pavane d’Angelo
CD 4
Portraits de peintres, Premières valses, Sonatine en Ut majeur, Thème varié sur le nom de Haydn, Bacchante endormie, La création du monde
Le piano de Reynaldo Hahn
Documentary film by Jean-Christophe Etienne

For his entire life, Reynaldo Hahn was labeled as a composer of salon music, a lightweight, whose compositions were written to satisfy the academic tastes of social circles in the Belle Époque and during the period between the two wars. Luckily however, in recent years, a handful of performers and publishers have allowed us to discover the incredible diversity of his eclectic and enchanting work. While not widely known, his piano music is in fact one of the most original aspects of his talent. The outstanding recordings presented in this boxed set of four CDs should help in banishing those long held prejudices. The documentary that accompanies this boxed set should allow the curious music lover to explore Reynaldo Hahn’s piano universe in great depth.