Nicola Vaccaj

16 Chamber Arias for voice and piano

Monica Carletti (mezzosoprano), Marco Sollini (piano)

1 CD  – Total time: 68:30
Booklet 16 pages, Italian/English


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1. Non giova il sospirar (Sighing does not help)
2. La Solitudine (Loneliness)
3. La Rimembranza (Remembrance)
4. Io t’amo (I love you)
5. I sospiri (The sighs)
6. Il Bagno (The bathroom)
7. La Madre (Mother)
8. Il Figlio (Son)
9. La Serenata (Serenade)
10. La Zingarella (The little gypsy)
11. L’Onda (The wave)
12. Il Bacio (The kiss)
13. L’Ave Maria dei Pellegrini (The Ave Mary of the Pilgrims)
14. Il Cosacco del Volga (The Volga Cosack)
15. Variazioni sopra un tema di Haydn – Sento una dolce speme (Variations on a theme by Haydn – I feel a sweet hope)
16. Addio dorati sogni (goodbye golden dreams)

The “Chamber Arias” by Nicola Vaccaj (Tolentino, 1790 – Pesaro, 1848), composed without interruption throughout his whole life, were enormously successful in the 19th century, so much so that they were printed by the major publishers of the time and circulated throughout Europe, just like the “errant Bees” of the title of one of his canzonettas. As well as a composer, Vaccaj was primarily a great teacher: sought after by the leading families of the day in Italy, as well as in Paris and London. Even Queen Victoria wished for him to perform in her presence. A renowned teacher, his “Practical Method of Italian Singing for Chamber” is still an indispensable tool in the arsenal of opera singers worldwide. This recording, entrusted to the voice of mezzo-soprano Monica Carletti, and accompanied on piano by Marco Sollini, restores to us all of the charm and flavour of the maestro.