Andrea Luchesi


Various Artists

1 CD  STEREO DDD – Total time: 58:27
Booklet 12 pages, Italian/English


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  1.  Requiem – Maestoso
  2.  Dies Irae – Lento
  3.  Quantus Tremor – Allegro
  4.  Tuba Mirum – Allegro
  5.  Mors Stupebit – Maestoso
  6.  Liber Scriptus – Allegro
  7.  Judex Ergo – Allegro
  8.  Recitativo
  9.  Rex Tremendae – Allegro
  10.  Juste Judex – Moderato
  11.  Ingemisco – Andante
  12.  Qui Mariam – Moderato
  13.  Oro Supplex – Andantino
  14.  Lacrimosa – Lento
  15.  Ave Maria (World Premiere Recording)

The compositions recorded in this album are other important works belonging to the sacred music repertoire by Andrea Luchesi: the Offertorium “Ave Maria” in D Major, for solo, four part choir, orchestra and basso continuo, the “Requiem” and the “Dies Irae”, all preserved in handwritten score and parts in Modena at the Library Estense (F. 661) in the section of sacred music.
The “Ave Maria”, recorded here for the first time, is without doubt a score of consistent quality and inspiration: it is highly original and seen as more interesting than some of the other major works recorded in this album. The “Requiem” for example, poses some historical and stylistic problems: it is an assembly of two works (the “Requiem” and the “Dies Irae” for solo, four-voice mixed choir and orchestra – Modena, F. 656) and the ‘Messa in F major’ for four-voice and orchestral (F. 647). The connection between the two creations, was clearly made because the tonality (F major) is the same for both works. However, there is also a certain thematic cyclicity in the “Requiem” and in the “Dies irae”, which echo parts of the mass. Not all the pieces are at the same, high inspiration ‘niveau’. However Luchesi’s sacred music, too, contains compositions of the most elevated quality, testament of a very important though forgotten composer of the eighteenth century who praises God for the talent he has given him in this detached and incomprehensible design of life and death.