Angelo Gilardino

Works for Guitar

Giulio Tampalini (chitarra)

1 CD 2033 STEREO DDD – Total time: 60:03
Booklet 12 pages, Italian/English


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Sonata del Guadalquivir (2004)
[1] I Memorias
[2] II Leyendas
[3] III Lejanías

Sonata Mediterranea (2004)
[4] I Cipressi (Ricordo di Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco)
[5] II Ninna nanna (Ricordo di Salvatore di Giacomo)
[6] III Pini sul mare (Ricordo di Giuseppe Casciaro)

Colloquio con Andrés Segovia (2002)
[7] Andantino

Catskill Pond – A Fantasy-Sonatina for Guitar (2003)
[8] I Trees
[9] II Heavens
[10] III Waters

Tríptico de las visiones (2002)
[11] I Lejano y legendario
(“La gruta de los Profetas” de Antonio Muñoz Degrain)
[12] II Místico y profundo
(“El Convento de Santo Espíritu de Segovia” de Aureliano de Beruete)
[13] III Tibio y luminoso
(“Almendros en flor” de Dario de Regoyos)

From the introduction by Angelo Gilardino: “Giulio Tampalini, enabled by his virtuosity and musicality to perform the entire repertoire, has focused his attention on the pieces I have been writing since 2002. It is not surprising that such attention should be shown, by young and excellent performers, to a composer who could be their father or even grandfather: these pieces, in fact, require a technical ability that guitarists of the same generation as the composer simply do not have, despite the fact that they are in some cases famous. The fact is that no instrument in the 20th century has seen an increase in the technical skills of performers equal to that which has occurred in the field of the guitar. Moreover, I assume that Tampalini likes to perform those pieces whose form is immediately recognizable and easy to link to a tradition, and, indeed, four of the five compositions included here-when viewed from the outside and from a certain distance-are Sonatas, albeit different from each other.”