Compositori Vari

Strong Emotions on Classic Contemporary Guitar

Giulio Tampalini (chitarra)

1 CD  STEREO DDD – Total time: 74:37
Booklet 12 pages, Italian/English


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Ralph Towner
1. Joyful Departure
Giorgio Signorile
2. Terra e Cielo
Carlo Domeniconi
3. Moderato
4. Mosso
5. Cantabile
6. Presto
Giorgio Signorile
7. E ancora non mi pesa il ricordo
Maurizio Colonna
8. Preludio in re minore
Astor Piazzolla
9. Libertango
Stanley Myers
10. Cavatina
Nikola Starcevic
11. Asiana III
Giorgio Signorile
12. Ninna Nanna a Donegal
Jorge Morel
13. Danza Brasileira
Roberto Fabbri
14. Ballade
Maurizio Colonna
15. Aria Mediterranea n. 1
Ralph Towner
16. Green and Golden
Paulo Bellinati
17. Jongo
Maurizio Colonna
18. Simple n. 1
Andrew York
19. Sunburst
Roberto Fabbri
20. Dance for Dale
Paolo Ugoletti
21. Ceol
Raffaele Cacciola *
22. Dreams

* guitar and live electronics

“Strong Guitar Emotions” is first and foremost a journey to the most fascinating places in the contemporary guitar repertoireo…. In this context, simplicity of language becomes direct emotion, in a panorama that includes Latin components (Paulo Bellinati, Jorge Morel, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astor Piazzolla), an “Italian” line that interweaves cantabile and Mediterranean roots (Maurizio Colonna, Giorgio Signorile), post-Baroque references (Paolo Ugoletti), oriental and extra-European sounds (Carlo Domeniconi, Nikola Starcevic), a search for new paths (Raffaele Cacciola), pop-folk references (Andrew York, Roberto Fabbri), jazz atmospheres (Ralph Towner) and movie soundtracks (Stanley Myers) [from Giulio Tampalini’s introductory notes].
In short, in this CD an attempt has been made to collect some of those encores (of contemporary music often contaminated or even beyond the strict boundary of strictly classical music), which once heard, one would like to know, and then listen to again.