Andrea Luchesi

Sacred Music

Various Artists

1 CD  – Total time: 61:07
Booklet 20 pages, Italian/English


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Salve Regina (First recording – revised by Agostino Granzotto)
1. Andante, Allegro Molto, Andante

Stabat Mater (revised by Agostino Granzotto)
2. Stabat Mater – Andante
3. Sancta Mater – Moderato
4. Quando Corpus – Andante

Kyrie “di Dresda” (First recording – revised by Agostino Granzotto)
5. Grave
6. Lento
7. Grave – Allegro

Miserere per soli (SATB) (First recording – revised by Agostino Granzotto)
8. Miserere mei Deus – Andantino
9. Asperges me – Un poco lento
10. Cor mundum Crea – Andante
11. Redde Mihi – Allegro
12. Sacrificium – Andantino
13. Tunc imponent – Alla breve

Te Deum (First recording – revised by Agostino Granzotto)
14. Allegro
15. Adagio
16. Allegro

The recorded compositions in this album, they are attributed with certainty to Luchesi. They were written in the period between 1768 and 1773.
The Kyrie in D minor for solo (S.A.T.B.) choir with four mixed voices, orchestra (2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 horns, strings) and organ, is perhaps one of the oldest existant pieces of sacred works by Luchesi: the attentive listener will recognize a melodic phrase of 4 beats, which is played after the introduction by the alto and soprano, which clearly echoes the incipit of the Stabat Mater by Pergolesi, a composer who Luchesi knew very well.
Stabat Mater for soloists (S.A.T.B.), four voice choir and orchestra also shows some reminiscences Pergolesi, but Miserere for solo (S.A.T.B.) and choir is the most expansive and inspired in the group of pieces presented here. The purity of the melodic lines and some intentional expressive dissonances make this piece a real gem: it is, no doubt, the pearl of the sacred music definitely written by Luchesi.