Various Composers

Baroque Enchantment

Ensamble Chiaroscuro

1 CD  – Total time: 55:33
Booklet 8 pages, Italian/English


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The term ‘musical journey’ has certainly been used since ancient times, one may think of the exquisite reports of Charles Burney, who travelled through Europe in the 1700s reporting his impressions and collecting manuscripts. This recording of Ensemble Chiaroscuro sees a very authentic and original concert programme, a journey through time and space. From Dario Castello’s stil modern, rich in enthusiasm and exploration, to the eighteenth-century sonatas that are the culmination of that research. A champion, Captaine Hume, who plays the viola evocatively, Italian composers who write in the style of the French and Germans who write in the style of the Italians, precursors of a Europe yet to come, but that in music has never ceased to exist.