Andrea Luchesi

The Unpublished Symphonies

Orchestra da Camera Ferruccio Busoni, Massimo Belli (conductor)

1 CD  – Total time: 61:27
Booklet 6 pages, Italian/English


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Concerto Classics dedicates the third CD to the Symphonies of Andrea Luchesi, a fascinating and largely still mysterious composer from Motta di Livenza. As Massimo Belli (who conducted the Orchestra da Camera Ferruccio Busoni during the recording of these 7 unpublished Symphonies) said, these are “little gems, with a familiar, simple structure and of a short duration, but by all means varied in content. Luchesi shows, in fact, a great variety of ideas and imagination. The andantes are, in their simplicity, particularly poignant.” The musicologist and music critic Bruno Belli, who wrote the booklet dedicated to this release, “These are pages that attest to the quality of a composer who was much more than a “craftsman” as he has often been called: he was an artist, who in liaison with the different “schools” was able to possess original traits that both include and temper the differences between these schools, pointing the way to the Classicism that Vienna nurtured and perfected”