The Artists

Our performers are some of the best in the country and perhaps even the world… Certainly the Trio di Parma, Quartetto della Scala, Sir Jeffrey Tate, the Solisti Veneti, the Trio Tchaikovsky and Roberto Plano, are famous nearly everywhere.

In each recording, we do not compromise on the calibre of our musicians, which does not mean that we do not give younge musicians chance… quite the contrary. Many performers with whom we would like to collaborate, are not present in our catalogue because either they have already been signed to a larger label or simply because we do not have enough resources to accommodate them (we are an independent label and don’t receive financing). What is certain is that we always strive for the highest standards in our CDs and we are open to any new projects that are truly original and creative. In a word, we are open to beauty and talent which together, opens doors.

Overall, the thing that is important to us is to be able to recreate forgotten repertoire (so as to be interesting and not just entertaining) together with our musicians’ evocative and potent suggestions, our listeners tastes and all those who participate in the projects. In the end a production always comes out best when the original music is recreated with an element of magic. Indeed, this is a good occasion to thank all of the artists that have recorded with us once again. Whether it is a one off project or an ongoing collaboration: thank you for your belief in us.

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