Gioachino Rossini

The Rossini Project Vol. I: The Young Rossini (1804 – 1813)

Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Markus Poschner (conductor), Coro della Radiotelevisione Svizzera, Dmitry Korchak

1 CD  – Total time: 52:37
Booklet 64 pages, Italian/English/German


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1. L’Italiana in Algeri Sinfonia (Venezia 1823) – The Italian girl in Algers (Venice 1823)
2. Sinfonia obbligata a contrabbasso – Symphony obligatory to double-bass
3. Sinfonia del Conventello / Symphony at the small Convent
4. Sinfonia in Re maggiore (Bologna 1808) – Symphony in D major (Bologna 1808)
5. Sinfonia in Mi bemolle maggiore (Bologna 1809) – Symphony in E flat major (Bologna 1809)
6. L’equivoco stravagante Sinfonia alternativa – The Curious Misunderstanding, alternative Symphony
7. Tancredi sinfonia (Venezia 1813) – Tancredi. Symphony (Venice 1813)
Tancredi, Atto 1, n.4 a (Milano, 1813) – Act 1, no 4 (Milan, 1813)
8. Recitativo “Impallidisci” – Recitative: “You turn pale…”
9. Aria di Angirio “Se ostinato ancor non cedi” – Argirio’s aria
Tancredi, Atto II, n 8 a (Milano 1813) / Tancredi, Act II, no 8° (Milan, 1813)
10. * Coro, Recitativo “Mora l’indegna… Che risolvo… che fò?…” – * Choir, Recitative “Die the unworthy…What do I solve… what do I do…”
11. * Aria di Argirio’ “Al campo mi chiama…” – * Argirio’s Aria: “He calls me to camp…” * First world recording

In Rossini’s year Concerto Classics is pleased to announce a multi-annual agreement with one of the most prestigious European orchestral groupings: the Orchestra of Italian Switzerland, conducted by Markus Poschner and accompanied from time to time by important soloists, is committed, from year 2018 until the whole of year 2020, to the exploration and production of a considerable part of Rossini’s repertoire still unedited or yet of rare performing.