Paolo Santarelli

Author – Director – Musicologist

Graduated in Modern Literature with a specialization in History at the University of Bologna, and after many years studying music and theatre, Paolo Santarelli discovered the true outlet for his creativity to be opera, and went on to write a large body of material adapting operas to an operatic theatrical form (where song, music and acting are combined to create a new musical genre), inclusive of storyline, narrative and direction. He channels his passion for historical-musical research and for the rediscovery and reinvention of lesser-known scores into a creative form of concert with a narrative scenario (monographic research) telling the life of a great composer, a celebrated singer, or a musical period. His rediscovery of the vocal music of the past is based also on the need for teaching tools that are both valid and authentic, for future generations of student singers. A reviser of musical scores and lyrics, he is currently engaged in the rediscovery of the repertoire of leading castrato opera singers between the 18th and early 19th centuries; his work will be made available in the upcoming publication Handbook of sopranist – Solfeggios and Airs of great castratos of the past. His main publications include: The true history of Marie du Plessis; Art and life of Maria Malibran; Marche land of castratos; Pia de’ Tolomei, historical musical journey on the road from Siena coming to Maremma; Parisina d’Este, story of love and death, between Rimini and Ferrara in fifteenth century Italy; Giovanna Grey, My sin? The faith!; Juliet and Romeo, never love affair was so much pain; Art and life of Nicola Vaccaj; Dinner with Gioachino Rossini; Dinner with Giuseppe Verdi; Gabriele D’Annunzio and Francesco Paolo Tosti, poetry and music in the Galante era; Venus in earth, Lina Cavalieri, the most beautiful woman in the world between café chantant and belcanto; The Magic Flute sung in Italian and arranged to children’s story; The fisherwoman, secrets and loves narrated by the voice of the sea; The Cinderella a lyric fairy tale; The Merry Widow, opera-ballet; The Barber of Seville, against a heart that love lights are unnecessary precautions; L’Elisir d’amore; The Swallow or the nest of regrets; Tribolet or the Curse; Don Giovanni, The rake punished; Carmen, Opera Music- Hall.

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