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Marco Nodari


Chamber music works – Trio mediterraneo

1 Digital music sheet 36 pages


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TRIO MEDITERRANEO for violin, cello and piano

Complete music sheet, Violin music sheet and cello music sheet
1. Prologo. Animato
2. Intermezzo. Meditativo
3. Finale. Brioso
This piece is in three movements: an initial steady Prologue; a central and meditative Intermezzo, and the crux of the
composition; a spirited Finale. The first movement is developed entirely from a few melodic and rhythmic fragments, played in the early bars. It is a cheerful movement, within which we can find an introduction, development, and finally, after the peak of expressiveness, a short and mysterious coda. The second movement, ‘meditation’, is also divided into three sections. The first of them is a kind of passacaglia, a form of composition which consists of variations on a ground bass. In this section the harmonic, rhythmic and melodic development are slow. There is a growing accumulation of energy, which leads into the second section of the piece, the most intense and lyrical. A short coda follows which echoes the opening theme, closing the harmonic journey of the second section. The third and last movement has a ‘ritornello’ structure featuring two contrasting and alternating themes. The movement begins with a gloomy staccato fragment in the piano. It is a simple ostinato on which rests a second ostinato melody played by the cello. The principal theme is expansive, syncopated, and full of vitality. At the height of this crescendo emerges the contrasting episode, which is nothing but an elaboration of the initial motif from the piano. The two contrasting episodes alternate until reaching a final coda: in which the rhythmic ostinato from the opening is transfigured and becomes a lyrical and introspective theme. The piece ends pianissimo on a very ambiguous and mysterious chord that almost denies the radiance and brilliance of the main melody.
Marco Nodari

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