08 September 2011

Roberto Plano plays Luchesi

We’re very proud to introduce you to another great Italian pianist who just started collaborating with us!
This is in fact his debut with our Label.
Plano was First Prize Winner of the 2001 Cleveland International Piano Competition and finalist at the Twelfth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2005.
This recording is totally focused on the Italian composer Andrea Luchesi, though not ver well known, he was a real musical genius and thus his music needs to be discovered!
He was unique, a mix of Scarlatti and Mozart, with a flavour for simple, effortless and attractive melodies which capture the attention of the listener immediately. We will probably never know whether it is true that some of his compositions have disappeared, or even if some of them have been mistakenly attributed to Haydn or Mozart. We will also probably never know if Luchesi was really Beethoven’s teacher in Bonn, helping the great German composer’s genius to grow. But we do know that his music is out there and therefore needs to be re-discovered and recognized as the work of another great Italian musician.

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