Nicola Fiorenza

(? – Naples 1764)

We know little about Nicola Fiorenza. He had taught violin and violoncello for a long time at the Conservatory of Santa Maria di Loreto. His extremely rough manners with his pupils caused him to be eventually dismissed, as Salvatore Di Giacomo recalls: “he used to club them and threaten them with the sword”.

It was too much, even for a time when teachers were certainly not too tender with their students.

Talented and powerful, he replaced Domenico de Matteis as first violin in the Royal Chapel. As Villarosa reports: “Playing that instrument he wasn’t equalled by anyone in those days”. He was the teacher of Antonio Sacchini who learned the violin very well and then was advised by Fiorenza that “in order to play better you must have deep knowledge of music… He, then, prepared himself to go to the school of Durante”.

(from the booklet by Sandro Cappelletto)

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