04 April 2013

In December 2012, after successful sales, the CD “Jewish Baroque Music” was reproduced (2009 concert)

After successful sales, in December 2012 the CD “Jewish Baroque Music” was reproduced by the Ensemble Salomone Rossi. The United States, Korea, France and Germany were the countries where the CD receives the most continued interest. The underlying theme of the CD is to bind together the music of Jewish Communities in the European seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: among these, the most recognized composer is Salomone Rossi. He is joined by Christian G. Lidarti and George Frederic Handel; both have composed music for three oratorios for which the subject was the history of the biblical Queen Esther. In the CD there are a selection of arias and choruses taken from the oratorios of Handel and Lidarti with texts in English and Hebrew.

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