Top 3 streaming chart: August 2017

The most streamed album of our catalogue in August 2017 is Complete Works for Guitar (2CD) by Francisco Tárrega, performed by the young and yet already successful Giulio Tampalini. The composer Angelo Gilardino (see below) writes about Francisco Tárrega: “His works for guitar reflect some of the key traits of ‘minor’ Romanticism: the predilection for introspection, the quest for the exotic and an interest in the ‘music of the people’. Moreover, he developed the genre called ‘studio da concerto’ for the guitar, recreating works of other
composers, written for other instruments.”

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The second position goes to The 5 Violin Concertos by W.A.Mozart: this live recording boasts two of the best contemporary solo performers, Domenico Nordio (violin) e Danilo Rossi (viola), conducted by Federico Ferri and accompanied by the Ensemble Respighi. The most famous and frequently performed masterpieces are certainly the last three of Mozart’s five concerts with orchestra (K 219- 211-216-218-207): together with the alla Sinfonia concertante for violin and viola K 364, make up the program of this recording.

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On the third step of the podium we meet again Giulio Tampalini, here performing the Works for Guitar by Angelo Gilardino. Guitarist and composer, Angelo Gilardino was born in Vercelli nel 1941. Hundreds are the new compositions dedicated to him by composers from all over the world during his career as a performer, from 1958 to 1981. This album includes some of the many works he’s been signing as a composer since 1982: Sonata del Guadalquivir, Sonata Mediterranea, Colloquio con Andrés Segovia and Tríptico de Las Visiones.

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