Gian Carlo Menotti

The Telephone – Ou l’amour à trois


This recording has the aim to create a short but significant picture of Gian Carlo Menotti (Cadegliano-Viconago, 1911 – Monte Carlo, 2007): he was an Italian composer who later enstablished himself in the USA. Most of all he was known in Italy for Spoleto’s Festival dei Due Mondi, but he was also very famous in USA for his operas. The CD presents one of his most renowned operas, The Telephone, which is performed by a very extraordinary cast. The other side of his work, a more intimate and hidden one, consists of a chamber-music production, that here is performed by the Trio. At the end of the recording we hear some interesting and unreleased piano solo pieces, that close this tribute to the composer who was quite ignored in Europe in the past, due to avantgarde predominance; Menotti remains a very interesting composer to discover.

Iconography: Nicola Villa, Businessman and shadow, 2008 (Salamon Gallery)

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