Paolo Ugoletti

Ugoletti Paul was born in Brescia on June 7, 1956. He started playing the piano under the guidance of his mother, and in 1973 at the Conservatory of Brescia he studied composition with teachers Giancarlo Facchinetti and Giovanni Ugolini. In 1979 he attended courses run by Franco Donatoni at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena and Giacomo Manzoni at the Milan Conservatory and began working with different ensembles and soloists such Monch, Scarponi, Pedron, Ballista, Gorli, Garbarino, Antonelli, Damerini and Bonaguri .

In 1980, after earning a diploma in composition, spent a short time in Stockholm, where he met the greatest Scandinavian composers and musicians. He started his career as a teacher of composition at the Conservatory in Pesaro, Bologna and Parma. In 1987 he was composer in residence at the University of Santa Cruz in California, where he encountered the music of Lou Harrison, Arvo Pärt, John Adams and Keith Jarret. In 1989 he became a professor of composition at the Conservatory “Luca Marenzio” in Brescia where he still teaches; he also started a fruitful and lasting collaboration with the “Sagra Musicale Umbra” for which composed numerous works, among them notable pieces include Gloria of the Missa Solemnis Resurrectionis, premiered in Rome on the occasion of the Jubilee in 2000 and the completion of the Lacrymosa and composition dell’Amen of Mozart’s Requiem in 2002. Also in 1989 he recorded his solo and chamber works for Radio France and the Cabrillo Festival (California – USA). In the early nineties (1990-93) he undertook detailed studies on traditional Irish music from which he gained a real passion for the genre that, in the following years, inspired the composition of several works related to the Celtic world.

In 1998-99 he produced two large collections of piano preludes: Terra di confiniand la Fonte nascosta. Since 2000 he has composed numerous works for  soloists, chorus and orchestra and entered new worlds composing for instruments of other genres: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, harp, bass and electric guitar, electronic keyboards and drums. Since 2003 he has worked on a project with the painter Rinaldo Turati creating compositions which form part of integrated installations with the artist. With no publisher and not belonging to any school of music, he loves all forms of expression without prejudice. At the moment he lives and works on a ship.

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