Orchestra da Camera Ferruccio Busoni

The Ferruccio Busoni chamber orchestra, a famous ensemble founded in 1965 by Aldo Belli, was one of the first chamber orchestras to appear in Italy during the post-war period, and is the oldest in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In 2008 it was recognised by the Region as an “institution of regional importance”. The orchestra has caught the attention of public and critics alike by its performances in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia and Italy, with soloists of exceptional calibre such as Salvatore Accardo, Ivry Gitlis, Domenico Nordio, Gianluca Littera, Michael Flaksman, Lucio Degani, Federico Agostini, Massimo Gon, Friedemann Eichhorn, Peter Bannister, Markus Placci, Priya Mitchell, Mauro Maur, Yvan Chiffoleau, Cristiano Rossi, Sandro De Palma, Dan Zhu, Niek De Groot, Mirel Iancovici, David Cohen, Daniel Rowland. Ever ready to promote contemporary music, the orchestra has premiered performances of a good number of works – some of them written for or dedicated to the Busoni Orchestra – by contemporary composers such as Nieder, Sofianopulo, Margola, Conti, Viozzi, Coral, Dott, Visnoviz and Bellini. Reviews by the most distinguished Italian critics have appeared in eminent journals: “… the extraordinary institution that is the Busoni Orchestra, conducted as an undivided entity by Massimo Belli.” Amadeus – Alberto Cantù “The conductor Massimo Belli surpasses himself in the second half, given over to the instrumental passages of our operatic glories… But the quality of the orchestra Belli is conducting with such dedication emerges in Verdi‘s Quartet in E Minor in particular: a rendition of striking formal emphasis within the well-blended quality of the sound.” Gianni Gori – MUSICA “The Busoni Orchestra is the creator and principal performer of the Mattinate Musicali at Trieste’s Museo Revoltella, providing a rich variety of chamber music which has by now been active for twelve years. The ensemble has recorded a CD for the record company Velut Luna with Domenico Nordio, and several others under the Rainbow label, two of which include music of Franco Margola, recorded for the very first time. The orchestra has also recorded for RAI – Italian Radio and Television, for SKY Classic and for Canale 5.

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