Marinella Pennicchi

Marinella Pennicchi, after graduation at the Conservatoire of her birth town Perugia, devoted herself both to concert and lyrical theatre, with a particular attention to the Baroque and pre-romantic repertoire, both particularly congenial to her voice and artistic temperament.
Winner and finalist of international singing competitions, she performed in some of the most important Italian Opera Houses under the direction of  F. Brüggen,  A. Curtis, Sir J. E. Gardiner, G. Garrido, J. C. Malgloire, I. Marin, C. Rizzi, J. Savall and P. Schneider. Her intense concert activity brought her to perform for the most prestigious European music institutions (Auditorium of Foro Italico and Accademia of S. Cecilia in Rome, Musikverein of Wien, Bath Festival, Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Opera et Chatelet of Paris…), co-operating several times with the “Orchestra of the 18th century” directed by F. Brüggen and with the “English Baroque Soloists” directed by  Sir J. E. Gardine. In her repertoire, Italian Baroque chamber music has a large space: she has often performed with G. Acciai, R. Alessandrini, F. Biondi, G. Catalucci, C. Gallico, E. Gatti, R. Gini, S. Vartolo and with the lute musician F. Marincola in duo.
She has recorded for the most important European broadcasting stations and for Archiv DGG, Arts, Bongiovanni, Chandos,  Harmonia Mundi,  Naxos, Opus 111, Philips…(cf. Discography).


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