Marco Nodari

Born in 1969, Marco Nodari started his studies in Composition at the Conservatory of music of Brescia with the professors G. Facchinetti, E. Brusa and P. Ugoletti, and graduated in Milan with Professor A. Corghi. He continued his studies of piano with the professors U. B. Michelangeli, R. Pinelli and R. Bettini, and graduated from the Conservatory of Mantova. With an interest in non-musical subjects also, in 1999 he graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. In 2009 he specialised with honours in Composition at the Conservatory of Brescia.
He attended specialised courses (Fondazione “A. Toscanini” of Parma, Civic School of music of Milan) and during this time he was awarded first prize in many national and international competitions (1st prize at the “First Young composers selection” organized by Radio France in collaboration with Suvini Zerboni Editors, 1st prize at the International competition “Val Tidone”, 1st prize at the National competition A.Gi.Mus, 1st prize at the National competition “R. Toscano” of Pescara, Finalist at the International competition City of Nizza, 2nd e 3rd prize at the National competition City of Pavia, recognized at “Bacchelli” of Livorno, 3rd prize at “F. Margola” of Brescia).

compositore Marco Nodari
His music has been performed by eminent musicians (including G. Tampalini, S. Vebber, M. Marzi, F. Lama, N. Bogdanov, M. Scilironi, S. Pisciali and G. Artunghi, G. Pirollo, S. Marrini, Dedalo Ensemble, A. Bianchi), and played in important classical events and seasons (the International Piano Festival “A. B. Michelangeli”, Season of Philharmonic Society of Trento, Musical Season of Radio France, “Sulle ali del novecento”, “Alfeo Gigli”, Season of Concerts A.Gi.mus 2004 and 2005, “Sardegna Isolafestival”, “Scintille di musica” 2006 and 2011, “Bresciachitarra” 2007, “Musica in Abbazia” Florence 2008, Season of Concerts of Cortina d’Ampezzo 2008, “Notte nel sacro” Brescia 2009 and 2011, 20° Ciclo de Organo J. De Sesma Zaragoza etc.) and in many places both in Italy and abroad (including Paris, Berlin, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Basel, Kiel, Mainz , Perugia as well as in the Italian Institutes of Culture  of Brussels, Stuttgart, Grenoble, Cologne, Wolfsburg, Hamburg, Beirut).
He has published works with editors such as Suvini Zerboni, Fonè, Rugginenti, Berben, Armelin, Eufonia.
He has taught Harmony at the “G. Martucci” Conservatory of music of Salerno.
Currently he is teaching Theory of Harmony and Analysis at “G. da Venosa” Conservatory in the city of Potenza and he is the artistic director of the classical music season “Sundays in music” in Brescia.

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