Luigi Lupo

After earning his diploma in flute in 1991 at the Conservatorio “G.B. Martini” in Bologna, Luigi Lupo continued his studies researching historical flutes. In 1995, the School of Lettere e Filosofia at the Università degli Studi di Bologna granted him a Laurea in Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo, for a thesis entitled, “Flauto traverso rinascimentale” [The Renaisance Flute]. In 1996, he earned a degree in Flauto Dolce [Recorder] and Traversiere Barocco [Baroque flute] under the guidance of M° M. Castellani at the Conservatorio F. E. Dall’Abaco, Verona. At the same time, he participated in the Corso di Musica da Camera held by M.° J. B. Christensen at the Schola Cantorum, in Basel. Most recently, he completed his Masters degree [Diploma Accademico di II livello] in Music, specializing in Flauto Dolce e Traversiere at the Conservatorio “F. E. Dall’Abaco”, Verona, studying with M° M. Castellani.
He plays in several early music ensemble groups; his repertory runs from the Middle Ages to romantic music. In addition to concert performances, he also works as a musicologist and has published two articles in “Il Flauto in Italia” [The Flute in Italy], edited by C. Paradiso and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. He has made several recordings for various record companies including: RSI, RAI-Trade, Concerto, Stradivarius, Tactus, Emi Classic, Naxos, III Millennio, Brilliant Classic.
He currently teaches at the Istituto Musicale “A. Vivaldi” in Bolzano, and in the Corsi di Musica Antica at the Conservatorio  “J. Tomadini” in Udine.

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