Lachen, Svizzera 1822 – Francoforte s.M., 1882

Joachim Raff

Mendelssohn’s recommendation to the famous editor, Breitkopf and Härtel and a favorable review from Schumann, convinced the young Raff to devote himself to composing full time, while working as an assistant to Liszt in Weimar between 1850 and 1853 (it seems he played an important role in the orchestration of the symphonic poem, “Tasso”).
Even though he fell into oblivion rapidly, Raff was one of the more well-known German composers of his times. Prolific, his work ranged from Symphonies and suites to concertos, to opera, even to chamber music and music for piano solo.
His Cavatina for violin and piano is well known to the concert going public often performed as an encore.

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