I Musici di Parma

Founded in the spring of 2002, the Chamber Orchestra, “I Musici di Parma”, brings together musicians who collaborate with the most important orchestral institutions both in Italy and abroad. Created with the intent of exploring a musical world directed at rediscovering unpublished musical scores and popularizing the work of important musicians, “I Musici di Parma” have a wide-ranging repertory that runs from Baroque to Classicism, right up to the best of 19th century chamber music. Italian melodrama is a specialty of theirs and thanks to the prestigious presence of the soprano, Katia Pellegrino, their programs include the most beautiful arias and romanzas from lyric opera. The group has accompanied such famous international singers and musicians as Federico Mondelci, Mario Marzi, Francesco Manara, Francesco De Angelis, Crtomir Siskovic, Emanuele Arciuli, Christoph Hartmann, Katia Ricciarelli, Chiara Taigi, Carmelo Caruso, Federico Canonici. Working with the “I Musici di Parma” both as soloist and as director, M° Enrico Bronzi‘s collaboration has become stable over the years. Thanks to the originality of their programs and the musical and artistic quality of their performances, the Orchestra has established itself in the Italian musical world, receiving the unanimous census from critics and public alike. They have performed in theaters and concert halls in Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Brescia, Cremona, Venice, Padua, Mantua and Arezzo. They have participated in renowned festivals, among them the “Festival Galuppi” in Venice and the “Festival Amfiteatrof” in Levanto. They have been part of musical seasons organized by the Amici della Musica of Modena, Campobasso, Tortona, Sondalo and Montegranaro. The Orchestra, “I Musici di Parma”, is the creator and organizer of the Festival di Musica da Camera ” Sorbolo sotto le stelle”.

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