Roma, ca 1600 – ca 1662

Giuseppe Giamberti

He studied with Giovanni Bernardino Nanino and Paolo Agostini, who were both active in Rome at the time. He was a very influential teacher and among his students were Felice Anerio, Gregorio and Domenico Allegri, Antonio Cifra and Agostini himself. Also an organist, Choirmaster and Music Director of the chapel of St. Peter’s Giamberti was among those who began the Baroque School. He was in the position of organist for the Arciconfraternita dell’Orazione e Morte with much success.
Choirmaster and Music Director of the Duomo of Orvieto and in various churches in Rome, he was a master of the polyphonic style. He prevalently wrote sacred music and produced various Masses (including the Mass, Veni Sponsa Christi for four voices), Motets and Antiphons of a very high quality; but he also wrote a notable quantity of secular music.

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