Giovanni Paolo Cima

Coming from an ancient Milanese family of musicians, Giovanni Paolo Cima (1570? – 1622) was a contemporary of Monteverdi and Frescobaldi. Director of music and organist at the chapel of Santa Maria presso San Celso (still existing in the center of Milan), in 1610 he published his Concerti ecclesiastici and later on 6 Sonate à due e quattro instrumenti. He is known above all for his instrumental works, particularly for having published Trio sonatas for the first time where two treble instruments are combined with the basso continuo. His brother, Giovanni Andrea Cima (1580-1627) was a leading musical figure in Milan as well where in 1614 he published the first book of his  Concerti à due, tre e quattro voci, Libro I. (the second book was published in Venice 13 years later).

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