Livorno, ca. 1760 – Firenze, after 1818

Giovanni Francesco Giuliani

He was a violinist, harpist and master of harpsichord and singing.
We don’t know whether Giuliani had his first musical education in Livorno, but it’s certain that in the city of Florence he studied violin with Pietro Nardini and counterpoint with Bartolomeo Felici. He never moved from Florence during all of his career: he played at the Teatro Nuovo as first violin, he was conductor at the Teatro degli Intrepidi from 1783 to 1798, and he was master of singing and recitation at the Fine Arts Academy (where composer Ferdinando Giorgetti was among his students). He was also a harpist as well as harpsichord master. Giuliani was one of the few Italian composers at the end of XVIII century who didn’t need to travel in order to study and to make his music known. It’s certain that he had good relationships in the field of European musical publishing, since he published some of his works in important cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam.

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