04 June 2013

Giovanni Benedetto Platti – review on Clic Musique from march 2013!

“(…) The dramatic spirit of Platti’s sonatas contributes to the conquest of the instrumental parts of their own autonomy, fitting into the general framework of aspirations and artistic ambitions of the nineteenth century. In fact the simple harmonic structure and counterpoint redirected the creative abilities of the composers towards the development of drama within the dramatic miniatures. For many reasons Platti can be considered the true contemporary of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, whose Prussian sonatas were published the same year as his six sonatas Op. 1 (1742). (…) The peculiarity of the work of this composer and the great musicality of Filippo Emanuele Ravizza justify the need for four CDs, not an excessive number, but necessary to appreciate this new discovery and for it to be connected with the works of his compatriots Pescetti and Alberti (who are also represented by the Concerto label). Even to the lesser known Galuppi, Platti entrusted the sonata form in most movements of Haydn, Mozart and… Clementi.”

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