Parma 1535 – Aquileia 1582

Giorgio Mainerio

Born in Parma, with perhaps Scottish heritage on his father’s (indeed he signed his name as Mayner), he began his career in the ecclesiastic world by competing for a post as chaplain in Udine. He lived there for about ten years between 1560 and 1570 and he decided to begin a musical career as well.
In the meantime, it appears he developed an interest in occult sciences, and in fact a court of the Inquisition in Aquileia opened an investigation regarding him, however it came to no consequence. He moved to Aquileia where he became Choirmaster and Director of Music of the Cathedral in 1578.
He died in 1582. Even though he wrote mostly for the church, and therefore sacred music, Mainerio is known for his secular repertory, to which he contributed to Il primo libro de’ balli accomodati per cantar et sonar d’ogni sorte de instromenti diGiorgio Mainerio Parmeggiano Maestro di Capella della S. Chiesa d’Aquilegia, [The First Book of arranged Dances for Singing and Playing on all Instruments by Giorgio Mainerio Parmeggiano Choirmaster and Director of Music of the Holy Church of Aquileia,]  which was printed by Angelo Gardano in Venice in 1578.

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