Ensemble StilModerno

Established by Carlo Centemeri in 2005, the group’s members are all musicians who have particular experience in chamber music and a special interest in the repertoire of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The Ensemble performs Baroque and pre-classical repertoire with modern instruments but with the aim of presenting historically informed performances. They use the original performance approach: studying and comparing the original sources (in print and in manuscript) in order to understand the scores as completely as possible. The goal of the ensemble therefore, is to present philologically correct performances but which, nevertheless, exploit the characteristics of the sound of modern instruments. The group performs “a parti reali”, that is, with a single musician playing each instrumental part, without a conductor. Together with more famous works and composers, StilModerno is constantly working towards the rediscovery of rare or unpublished compositions: performing many baroque works for the first time live, to wide acclaim by audiences and critics.


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