Ensemble Isabella Leonarda

Fabio Bellofiore, first violinist
Silvia Colli, Iacopo Ciammarughi, Elisa Bestetti, Emanuele Marcante, violins
Mauro Righini, Gianbattista Pianezzola, violas
Claudio Frigerio, cello
Alessio Depaoli, double bass
Mario Lacchini, Massimiliano Torsilieri, flutes
Simone Toni, Susanne Gruetz Macher, oboes
Brunello Gorla, Massimo Denabian, horns
Francesco Silvestri, harpsichord

Angelo Manzotti:   Sopranist
Maurizio Schiavo: Conductor

By creating the Ensemble Isabella Leonarda (2001), Fabio Bellofiore, the group’s first violinist, and Patrizia Bertone, the group’s president, wanted to explore classical and baroque music in depth and bring it to a wider audience.
Integral to the Ensemble’s concert activies are the continual research and re-proposals of the artistic production of the Donne Compositrici, and performing world premieres of unpublished Piemontese baroque pieces.
Ever since its foundation, the Ensemble has been included in important musical concert series in Italy and abroad and its performances have met with both public and critical success.
Since 2006, the Ensemble has collaborated with the sopranist, Angelo Manzotti, in various productions, among which the serenade, Antonio e Cleopatra by J.A. Hasse and the opera, Agesilao Re di Sparta by G.D. Perotti stand out. The group recorded the first modern recital of the Oratorio L’ Empietà delusa by Giovanni Antonio Costa (Pavia, sec. XVII – Vercelli, 1735) and the Mottetti op. 1 by Maria Xaveria Peruchona (Novara  1653 – Ivi 1713).

(from official website www.isabellaleonarda.it)

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