Ensemble Del Riccio


Marco Beasley, Lorenzo Girodo, Luca Bonvini, Ottavio Dantone, Giorgio Ferraris, Gianni Rivolta

The Ensemble del Riccio was founded in 1979, on a wave of renewed interest in the works of the Venetian composer Giovan Battista Riccio, active in the 17th century. Its members are artists whose involvement with the fields of historical music and its performance is a result of a variety of backgrounds, whether through the “critical schools” of instrumental performance found many countries abroad, or a more institutional educational experience, such as the Italian State Conservatory. It is precisely this combination of different schools of thought which has given birth to a very personal experience, never limited to exclusive concentration on one period or on one restrictively defined style; but in continuous contact between very different realities, from classical orchestral and theatrical experiences to those involving the philological reconstruction of a work, from emblematically romantic solo performance to contemporary music, with antique instruments or modern, from “first modern performances” to actual world debuts, from the opera of the 1600s to jazz to the music of the streets. Theirs is a commitment to multidirectional projects, taking great care not to lose sight of the thread of evolution and contemporary practice in a historical context.

The Ensemble has also performed on tour in many countries beyond the European borders (the United States, Japan, India), and its members have collaborated with the leading Italian opera companies (Teatro alla Scala, La Fenice, Regio) and international institutions for the performance of concerts of classical instrumental music (Angelicum and San Maurizio in Milan, Queen Elisabeth Hall, Opéra Comique in Paris), never neglecting their commitment to communication, teaching master classes in many summer courses such as Urbino and Pamparato.

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