Napoli, 15 aprile 1980

Emiliano Borrelli

Born in Naples on April 15 1980, Barrelli began studying composition under the guidance of Maestro G. TURACCIO, graduating in 2009 at the Conservatory of Salerno. He later perfected his studies at the Conservatory in Rome under the guidance of M° L. Verdi. He went on to receive diplomas in piano, band instrumentation and music education, at the Conservatories of Campobasso, Avellino and Salerno respectively. His compositional language the past few years has gone through experimentation with different methods of expression that led him to explore a variety of contemporary musical universes. His main area remains one of contemporary music, but he is also interested in other areas such as sound design, music scene and pop music. His musical style is quite serious and is directed towards the creation of a musical language that looks to the future without completely erasing the past. Using the tools without altering their nature, the main characteristics are the use of harmonic fields, a search for contrasts of timbre and rhythmic fusion of different musical languages and searching for meaningful and original sounds and mixtures derived from instrumental virtuosity. He participated with compositions, events and festivals organized by major associations and organizations such as CRM, Accademia Filarmonica Romana and Fondazione Musica per Roma – PMCE (Parco della musica Contemporary Ensemble). He has also collaborated with  various publishing houses such as Sifare, Armelin Music and Concert Classics. In recent years, in addition to his composition activities, he has been working on research and revision of rare music, in cooperation with the musicologist Paul Santarelli.

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