Coro della Cappella Civica di Trieste

The Cappella Civica of San Giusto, whose origins date back to 1538 when the City began to pay salaries to the Choirmaster and Organist of the Cathedral “to servicio of God, to honor the church of Cathedrale Just et reputacione of the whole city,” accompanied by the organ and the sacred song of worship celebrations in the Cathedral of San Giusto, enriching most solemn liturgical rites.


The staff of the institution consists of a Director, an organist and a mixed-voice choir (20 singers holders and 20 alternates). The Cappella Civica care the musical accompaniment to the liturgy in the Cathedral of San Giusto, with regular fixture at Sunday Mass broadcast by radio since 1931 by RAI station of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Beside the institutional activity the choir has always maintained an activity of concerts, performing in various ensembles in Italy and abroad and collaborating with prestigious Masters, musicians and orchestras.

A special impetus artistic and concert activity, archival and musicological, coincided with the long direction (28 years) of Maestro Marco Sofianopulo, undoubtedly one of the most important musical personalities ever been driving the Cappella Civica.

Currently the role of director is covered by the organist holder, place that for seven years has been entrusted to Maestro Roberto Brisotto.

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