05 February 2013

CONCERTO DVD 2074 Toscanini Inedito – Review by Bruno Belli on Classica Online site

A review on Classical Online by Bruno Belli. CONCERTO DVD 2074 – “Toscanini Inedito: Tra ricordi e immagini mai viste”. As with all the musical “greats”, Toscanini remains a highly discussed character as much for his musical interpretation as for life. It must be said that his approach to music and personality remain the touchstone from which all conductors are measured, regardless of their interpretative ideas. Understanding how Toscanini “the man” affects the artists and vice versa is not an easy topic in this context but because we have direct testimonies of artists who were lucky enough to work with him as well as family members, it has been possible to evaluate the complex individuality of the composer, rigorously pursuing freedom of interpretation in spite of the challenges he faced, with greater confidence. The document that the RSI dedicated to the conductor, through memories, impressions, thoughts of grandchildren and other collaborators, written with clarity and exemplary reflection by Swiss journalist Nicoletta Gemnetti, provides a valuable insight into the artist: CONCERTO’s decision to acquire distribution through their own label was an excellent one. This small record label based in Milan is very good at relating Italian music to the rest of the world through artistic excellence that gives merit to the skills and art of our country, which is in no way culturally inferior to any others, and, if anything has been a true beacon of the ancient and contemporary world. In the case of Arturo Toscanini, interviews with Gemnetti reveal as much about his public life as in his private life: he is a well rounded man, very interested in art, believing in the union between artists and society and that in every society we should stay current and aware of our citizens. In this way his battles are as much artistic as political; alongside this he was a father and loving grandfather and a man who loved the company of friends and family life more than you could imagine. Of course, there are often two faces to geniuses – they can have huge outbursts with colleagues, be very demanding and never be satisfied with results that to not reach unattainable perfection. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing in this documentary is his mantra – “lucky are the art forms which do not need performers”. From the testimonies through to his views, research and continuous study: with lots of unpublished material and work together with his cousin, we begin to see his fastidious commitment to art. Bruno Belli.


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