Mozart by Domenico Nordio and Danilo Rossi is out now.

Live recording of some of the young Mozart’s masterpieces, brilliantly performed by soloists Domenico Nordio (violin) and Danilo Rossi (viola) with the Ensemble Respighi directed by M° Federico Ferri.

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Ferruccio Busoni 150th Anniversary

Our new September release wants to honor an importat composer from Orchestral music of the XIX century during his 150th Anniversary: Ferruccio Busoni.

Busoni and Trieste – the city to which the pianist and composer, native of Empoli and adopted by Berlin, is chromosomally linked, is celebrated here in concert and brought to life in this disk.

The concert took place on 1st April 2016, on the occasion of the 150th Birthday of Busoni, with the Trieste Chamber Orchestra and Chloe Mun, the young winner of the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition in 2015, at the piano.

Sacred Music- the fifth CD dedicated to Andrea Luchesi

World premiere recording by Andrea Luchesi, the mysterious composer from Motta di Livenza who met the young Mozart and could have been the unknown ‘Maestro’ of the young Beethoven.


Orchestral and choir music from XVIII century performed by Nuova Orchestra da Camera Ferruccio Busoni, Coro della Cappella Civica di Trieste
Massimo Belli (conductor), Roberto Brisotto (choir conductor), Laura Antonaz (soprano), Elena Biscuola (mezzosoprano), Luca Dordolo (tenor) and Matteo Bellotto (baritone).

The cover image is The lady bug by Gianluca Corona – 2015, ...

The Magic of live – Stabat mater

Marianism is the fil rouge that unites the world famous compositions presented in this CD. From the Stabat Mater by Pergolesi through the Nisi Dominus and the Sinfonia ‘Al Santo Sepolcro’ by Antonio Vivaldi, it is the Virgin’s lament that guides the two composers in the realization of what are among their most renown and heart felt works.


According to a widely known legend, Pergolesi died the day he completed ...

Baroque Enchantment

The term ‘musical journey’ has certainly been used since ancient times, one may think of the exquisite reports of Charles Burney, who travelled through Europe in the 1700s reporting his impressions and collecting manuscripts.


This recording of Ensemble Chiaroscuro sees a very authentic and original concert programme, a journey through time and space. From Dario Castello’s stil modern, rich in enthusiasm and exploration, to the eighteenth-century sonatas that are the culmination of that research. A ...

Marco Nodari

Chamber Music Works

In nearly two decades of life, the Concerto Classics label has only made a few recordings of today’s music. With this CD we make an important exception presenting young composer Marco Nodari, who you may recognize from our catalogue from his previously recorded guitar piece (Tiliguerta in CD: Strong Emotions on contemporary classical guitar, CD Concerto 2055). Marco’s musical world in rich in influence from the twentieth century, minimalist, but firmly anchored to the Italian tradition. It is presented here on a monographic CD. Enjoy!

Iconography: Marzio Tamer, Vento d’Ostro – 2012, oil on board, egg tempera on board, inches 35,4 ...


Lagrime mie

An extraordinary musical journey leads us from Montiverdi’s Mantova to Strozzi’s Venice, from Corelli’s Roma to Martini’s Bologna. From Italy we are then transported to England, the home of Purcell and Händel (who both took influence from the Italian and French models), exploring the very different styles of madrigals, cantatas and opera alongside the concerto grosso, symphonies and dance music. The common theme is the sublime human expression: crying for love. In the 1600s the ‘lament’, developed into its very own genre just as Dido’s Lament in Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell. This tormented adventure is accompanied by exceptional ...

Andrea Luchesi

Sinfonie avanti l’Opera

This CD opens a new chapter in our awareness and knowledge of Luchesi, presenting his Overtures, or rather, according to the terminology used at the time, the ‘Sinfonie Avanti l’Opera’ or ‘Symphonies before the Opera’. They are all true compositions in their own right, which – often used outside of the theatrical context – served as a reminder to the audience that a show was about to take place. The pieces are usually divided into three movements, traditionally belonging to the ‘Italian School’ of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; they were circulated throughout Europe as autonomous pieces, often being rearranged and edited. Luchesi’s work is particularly inspired in the slow movements, in which the ...

Franz Joseph Haydn, Paul Wranitzky

Haydn: Cello Concertos No. 1 & 2, Wranitzky: Cello Concerto Op. 27 in C major

Although more than 8 concerts for cello and orchestra are ascribed to Haydn, only two seem to be almost definitely ascribable to the Austrian composer: one in C major and the other in D major (in Van Hoboken’s theme catalog they are Hob. VIIb/1, composed between 1761 and 1765, and Hob. VIIb/2 – opera # 101 – dated 1783). They have become common repertoire, and are generally considered among the most interesting after Vivaldi’s (and among the finest of the 18th century anyway), marking the passage between the Baroque and the Classic period. The latter has become a must for ...