Carlo Broschi detto Farinelli

(Andria, January, 24, 1705 – Bologna, September 16, 1782)

The Empress’ Notebook (1753), Vol. 1

Ensemble Isabella Leonarda, Maurizio Schiavo (conductor), Angelo Manzotti (sopranist)

1 CD STEREO DDD - Time: 50:31
12 pages booklet, Italian/English/French/German


Product Description

Baroque Opera

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1 Son qual nave 14:40
2 Io sperai 11:00
3 Ogni dì più molesto 1:50
4 Non sperar 11:06
5 Quell’usignolo 12:35



Carlo Broschi, better known as Farinelli, who has featured in a recent movie directed by Gérard Corbiau “Farinelli, the Queen Voice”, had easily gained fame through the centuries as great as that of well known composers such as Paganini, or Liszt.
His great knowledge of music was enhanced in the Neapolitan society of the 18th century which was increasingly blooming in Art, Music and Culture in general. Naples was a cross-roads for Artists, Musicians and Intellectuals from all over Europe.
Right there the young Carlo Broschi studied at the well known singing school with Nicola Porpora with many talented Artists and in 1720 made his first debut with “Angelica and Medoro” – an opera written by his teacher. Since that performance he received increasing success and standing ovations. He started frequenting the high society of the most important European sovereigns. He also had great influence on public life of that time by “sponsoring” Italian music as much as possible. After such hectic life, he then retired in his residence in Bologna where he started receiving visits from very important people, such as the young Mozart and the Emperor Joseph the Second from Austria. The five Arias included in this world premiere release have all been composed in homage to Maria Teresa from Austria, the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, who always admired and enhanced Art and Music and whose autograph is preserved at the National Library in Vienna. The five Arias for you to enjoy were forwarded to the Empress on March the 30th, 1753 and were named “The Empress’ Notebook”. These Arias are of very high value in music, since they can be considered as the spiritual testament of a real Virtuoso. Indeed Carlo Broschi Farinelli influenced many works at that time, thanks to his great personality and composing style. A legend to be still celebrated, a true lifestyle lesson.

Artwork: Jacopo Amigoni, Portrait of Farinelli, Bologna, private collection

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