Agostino Steffani Alarico

Agostino Steffani

(Castelfranco, July 25, 1655 – Francoforte sul Meno, February 12, 1728)

Alarico il Baltha, the Audacious, King of the Visigoths

Three acts opera by Luigi Orlandi, Scarlatti Camera Ensemble, Luca Casagrande (baritone), Maria Carla Curia (soprano), Stefania Maiardi (mezzo-soprano)

3 CD STEREO DDD - Time: 3h17:47
52 pages booklet, Italian/English

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Product Description

Baroque music

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CD 1

1 Ouverture 2:55
2 Viva la Pace! 14:51
3 Tra le Feste di Roma 15:14
4 Scorso ha due volte il sole 5:37
5 Ferma ò bella 8:06
6 Di Placidia alle Stanze 5:08
7 Tradimenti alla Reggia 6:02
8 Qual novella mi rechi 4:30
9 Placidette belle Aurette 10:45
10 Ballo di Traci 0:46
CD 2
1 Luci belle ben che nere 4:45
2 Se Stilicon non erra 14:37
3 In Maschera di Pace 8:41
4 Al regal Piede Ancella 4:41
5 Temerari sciogliete così vili Ritorte 4:57
6 Dove sei cara mia Speme? 11:23
7 Di Sabina gli Accenti 6:51
8 Quì ti voglio o mio Tesoro 10:53
9 E’ bezzarro il costume 1:46
10 Ballo di Cavalieri ch’escono da i Bagni 0:41
CD 3
1 Vò scherzando col Tormento 11:08
2 Pison che pensi? 7:41
3 Qui tra Cerere e Bacco 9:04
4 Sire! Che rechi? 13:48
5 Stilicon m’abbandoni 3:56
6 Gode Roma 7:47
7 Ballo di Soldati festeggianti 1:00



Agostino Steffani produced most of his operatic works in Germany, for the most part in Munich (between 1681 and 1688) and in Hannover. In Hannover between 1689 and 1709, before he became a diplomat and before he began his ecclesiastical career, the composer from Castelfranco composed at least eight operas for the city’s new opera theater becoming the point of reference for musical life. Today, along with Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), Steffani is considered one of the great creative talents of his time. He composed Alarico in 1687 in Munich.
This recording highlights for the first time one of the most important examples of baroque drama in music. To mention some reviews highlights: Opera News […] This opera is a rare treasure, the choice to release the complete edition is really admirable […] Direction and performers are quite young and not so well-known, but of very high level both from a technical and vocal point of view, as well as for the stylistic and interpretation efforts which are certainly well adjusted to the almost “impossible” baroque style by Steffani”.(R. V. S. Lee) and Opera Now […] A fantastic recording, plenty of nuances with an Italian cast of voices, all of them of extraordinary high level. I really shows, once again, the superiority of the new music and vocal Italian schools above all the others; surely as far as style and interpretative mood is concerned, if not also referring to a technical point of view. We have clear examples of young artists who are very well prepared and sometimes they even reach perfection by performing various works of rare beauty […].
(Gary Smith)

Artwork: Gianluca Corona, Quarto di un intero, 2008 – mixed painting on canvas

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