Carlo Grossi

Vicenza 1634 – Venice1688. He was probably the first composer to use the term “fun” when he published, in 1681, Il divertimento de’ grandi: musiche da camera, ò per servizio di tavola [Fun for grown-ups : chamber music or dinner music], his collection of 15 chamber music compositions for 2 or 4 voices and basso continuo.

This collection, which is dedicated to Fedinando Carlo II of Mantua, the last (and rather weak) ruler of the duchy, ends with a cantata in Hebrew: Achai achai vereai, written for the fraternity of the “Shomerim ha-boqer” (Those awaiting the dawn). The cantata describes the meeting between a passer-by with a group of cantors who are celebrating the feast of Hoshanà Rabbà, the concluding feast of Yom Kippùr, (יום כפור yom kippùr, Day of Atonement). He was also the organist of the Church of Saints John and Paul.

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