XVIII secolo

Avraham Cáceres

Avraham Casseres (Caseres, Cáceres) was an important composer of Hebraic music who worked in the XVIII century in Holland, probably of Spanish or Portuguese origin. In 1718 his name is mentioned as a composer of music for the foundation of the fraternity “Lekach Tov” dedicated to the study of biblical texts.
In 1726, he wrote the music for the inauguration of the Synagogue “Honen Dal” in the city of Aia. Cáceres’ fame as a musician by definition for the community is evidenced also from the descriptions that we have on the feast of “Simchat Torah” del 1738 (“Gioia della Torah”, מחת תורה: is a Jewish holiday that takes place at the end of “Sukkot” or “Feast of Bells”), in which Cáceres participated both as composer and as performer.
He also composed music for a poem by the famous Cabalist Immanuel Hay Ricchi:Hon Ashir (Amsterdam, 1731).

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