07 June 2013

Article on the Fiori Musicali exhibition – Strumenti&Musica.com

“(…)A Mobile Harp, a Pathé phonograph, music and documents belonging to Reynaldo Hahn. A splendid documentary by Jean-Christophe Etienne on the composer, period icon, and the complete piano works of Hahn recorded by Cristina Ariagno. Many of the compositions from this pianist specialize in French music – recordings from the world premieres are available in an attractive case with a cover by Giovanni Boldini, one of the best known painters of early twentieth century Europe. In the guided tour you can see rare examples of books such as “La Creation du Monde” by René Peter and “Les plaisir et les jours” by Proust. There is no shortage of photos and drawings by Mucha of the great Parisian actress Sarah Bernhardt. There are also delicate glass objects by Lalique and the original of the only cover designed by René Lalique, titled “quintette de Fleures”.



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