Adolph von Henselt

Schwabach, 1814 – Warmbrunn, 1889
Adolf von Henselt was a composer and pianist. He studied piano with Johann Hummel at Weimar and composition with Simon Sechter (who was also Bruckner’s teacher) in Vienna.
He spent a long part of his life in Russia in St Petersburg where he was court pianist and held a number of other prestigious positions, one of which was as Director of the Conservatory, succeeding Anthon Rubinstein.
Even though his public appearances were extremely rare, his stature as a pianist was immense and he had a great influence on the Russian school starting with Rachmaninov, who held him in the greatest esteem.
As a pianist, he is considered the joining link between Hummel and Liszt. His compositions were written most of all for piano solo: his writing often displays virtuosity but is not without musical value.

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