Pergolesi’s Fortune now on sale

The second CD on sale is Pergolesi’s Fortune, Authentic and spurious works for keyboard.


The performer is Marco Sollini on the piano. Marco Sollini, an Italian pianist with a solid musical education, has collected much exceptional praise from  international music critics and some of the greatest modern musicians throughout his career. Among these are Jörg Demus, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Bruno Leonardo Gelber, Alexis Weissenberg and Sergio Calligaris; musicians often ...

Piano city Milan 2016



Soon the #pianomi2016 program will be available!

Don’t miss the press conference today around 3 PM. Great news on our way!

Milan will be surrounded by music and pianos all around the city, at Palazzo Reale, MUBA – Museo dei Bambini Milano, GAM Milano, libraries.

Strong Emotions: now on sale

Here is the first CD on sale:


the guitarist Giulio Tampalini presents a panorama where Latin musicians, feature alongside an Italian vein which weaves a singing style into their Mediterranean origins and makes reference to a post Baroque style, along with Oriental and extra European sounds, without forgetting the quest for new horizons, hints of folk, jazz atmosphere and movie soundtracks.

Don’t miss this special offer, buy ...

Listen to Stabat Mater on YouTube

The week starts with Stabat Mater.

This is the first track of the latest The Magic of Live: sacred music of the Italian Eighteenth century, exceptional cast and three musical masterpieces of all times.

The Mozart case

Luca Bianchini and Anna Trombetta made a study on music habits in the XVIII century as regards composition, purchase and assignment.


The research also focuses on the mysterious composer Andrea Luchesi (to whom we dedicated 4 releases) – read the article.

Celebrating the 150th anniversary from the birth of Ferruccio Busoni


On Friday we went to Trieste for the 150th anniversary from the birth of Ferruccio Busoni. The Orchestra Ferruccio Busoni, Massimo Belli conductor and Chloe Mun pianist were playing at the Teatro Verdi.

The program, entirely dedicated to Busoni, will be the subject of a CD that will be released in October and will include the Concerto for piano and strings, the Cantos Finns orchestrated for Busoni by Marco Sofianopulo and the first String Quartet dedicated to Julius Heller.

Orchestra Ferruccio Busoni-Chloe Mun-150 nascita Ferruccio Busoni-1

Baroque Enchantment – Podcast RAI Radio3

If you missed the presentation of Baroque Enchantment on RAI Radio3 – Primo Movimento, you can now listen to the podcast here.


You’ll listen to two tracks from the CD: “Toccata per spinettina sola over liuto” by Frescobaldi and “Sonata op. 3 n. 10 in La min. – Giga” by Mascitti, performed by Ensemble Chiaroscuro.

The beautiful cover image is an oil on board by