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From the Seventeenth Century onwards Jewish cultural life has produced multifarious examples of musical practices based on non-Jewish models, but introduced at the same time into a decidedly Jewish context. From which we may draw an important conclusion, namely the direct correspondence between the use of the foreign musical language and the process of adoption on the part of Jews, in those areas in which tolerance towards Jews was greatest, of the culture of the Renaissance and Baroque world. This process had its beginning in Italy itself, thanks to the work of Salomone Rossi and to Leone da Modena’s theoretical approach. Listen to

Emerging composer Marco Nodari on contemporary Classical Music

Here is the emerging composer in the contemporary Classical Music world.

We already know him from Tiliguerta (a guitar piece in Strong Emotions on contemporary classical guitar).

Chamber Music Works is our new release, a monographic CD of Marco Nodari.

More info on the composer here.