11 November 2014

The Telephone

Ben goes to visit Lucy before leaving for a trip to ask for a hand, but Lucy is busy with a series of unending phone calls and almost completely ignores him. Defeated, and worried about missing his train, Ben leaves, but before going he makes one last attempt: he calls Lucy from a phone box and asks her to marry him. She says yes and the two of them unite in a romantic duet over the phone. This is The Telephone, or L’Amour à trois, a comic opera by Gian Carlo Menotti written in 1947. Here we see a performance by ...

06 November 2014

Menotti on Classicaonline

Menotti and the words of director Bruno Belli, in a review on Classicaonline. “The signature style of the composer can be summed up in his ability to create communicative melodies and musical writing which sit equally between the avante-garde and tradition. There is a clear desire to “recreate” with wit and affection a Puccinian or veristic atmosphere with the lightness of Prokofiev. There is an infallible sense of theatre manifested both in the choice of themes and the edit of the libretto, all centered around double edged meanings of various situations.” Here is the link.


03 November 2014

November’s new release

Our new CD has been released: it is a dedication to Gian Carlo Menotti, the Italian composer born in the United States, famous in Italy for founding the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto. See the link for further details.