28 March 2014

First look at the 2 Magic of Live CDs

Audio File Music speak about the debut CDs in the “The Magic of live” collection! Article attached.

25 March 2014

VideoHiFi for Luchesi

At the following link find a review of the second Andrea Luchesi CD, by Andrea Bedetti.

04 March 2014

March’s big news

New format, new concept. Finally, our enchanting new series “The Magic of Live” has been released: the best live performances from the best festivals. The first CD presents a live recording from the Festival Armonie della Sera last July. Mozart and Poulenc performed by I Soloisti Veneti conducted by Claudio Scimone; the pianists Sollini and Barbatano also test themselves in three masterpieces for 2 and 3 pianos (1700 and 1900).